Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Still flying by

I am now 23 weeks and continuing well so far.
I have managed to get back into the aquanatal class again and hope to do at least another 5 before the summer holidays which will all stand me in good stead fitness wise. I went and invested in an ew maternity swim suit today- can't beat decathlon for functionality and price. They aren't pretty suits like you find in the high fashion stores - but since when i am in the pool it is for sport and not lounging, i need good support, not a very low cut top!
I really hope i can get as much in as possible as i feel so much better for doing it, although a little guilty at asking my friends for so many favours. The fact I have so many people I can ask, is down to the fact I did aquanatal last time - and made some amazing friends who are more than happy to have the little miss fora few hours. For that,  I am truly grateful.
Once again there is a nice cross over between yoga and aqua so i feel like i am getting more familiar with other people too. Am sure friendships will happen naturally. It is a bit odd to be the one people are asking information of- and having that information and knowledge to give them! I don't claim to know it all- all i can do is share my experiences and hope it helps someone else. Gave out a few yoga home flyers as well so fingers crossed it will help them get more people in the class- and also that more people will come and get the fab benefits I have had.

I have been looking at my maternity allowance options which looks fairly positive and fingers crossed that means we might have a bit more money than I was expecting - all of which will help in terms of living costs and topping up savings. All i need to do now is send off the form and wait for the letter that says yes you can have it!

Next week is the Hypnobirthing day work shop-  I can't wait to spend that day with hub. The cd has made such a massive difference and I love it. I sincereley feel that it will just take me onto a whole new level of calm.
We have also booked a course at the hospital in August - specifically aimed at VBAC ( virginal birth after cesarean) that basically gives you the chance to access all the items they have that support active labour. I can't wait to get my hands on the stuff and feel ready for this birth, even more than I already do. I am making notes left right and centre - Hub and I have discussed so many options and ideas and he is right on board with me - he knows what I want and I have asked him to give me reminders - I have made up a crib sheet of all the yoga positions I love and that I think will help, and made sure he is as aware of what Things i want - as well as how to ask me gently for yes or no - last time we automatically got a finger flick going so one flick was yes and two was no - i love that we did that without even needing to discuss it and that he knew what I wanted - I have no fear that he is the best 'doula' i could need- I know doulas are so useful in some ways - but I doubt that I could make that relationship with one within a few months, no matter how good they are at their job. I think it is all going to be pretty intense - but I can't wait.

Having read the mindful mamma blog throughout, I came across  a fab bit of info about things that would be good to have in Labour and creating a good environment- he took it right on board - one of the things being special photos to get the endorphines going - i had been considering what I might print, one of which was the first one of us when little miss was a few minutes old - and he suggested that too - that made me cry - that the same thing would mean that much to us and that image always makes both our hearts fill. I also got one of her breast feeding, one of her with my god daughter - and I need to get the disc to print out a wedding photo - the best moments of my life that always make me fill up - more good feelings in that little lot than a sack of endorphines. He has come up with so many suggestions - usually one for cautiousness and saving money, I said i was worried about our pillows getting ruined or lost if I bought one in, he was like well we get a new one - and suggested that I took it straight off the bed whatever day I go into labour. Thinking about it,I do love my bed - and i suspect part of that in the hospital environment will be the familiar smell - i probably won't notice it at home but I bet I will there. So - top of the hospital list for the front door is my pillow, followed by the hypnobirthing cds and camera ;)

My own yoga class is swelling which I am loving a lot. One of little misses friends started but was a bit unsure as she is only two - so my little miss came in to help her- and I have to say even of my own daughter that I was so impressed .It shows so clearly that even when they are not apparently paying attention, everything they experience goes in and comes out when they are ready to use it. 30 months of sharing yoga classes with me and doing yoga at home has clearly been soaked up. She listened so well, was not distracted by the fact I was teaching and joined in fantastically. Even my little two year old newbie did a fantastic job at joining in - just going to show that no age is too early to do yoga. I also have another 2 and a half year old who has been coming since january - she didn't really seem to take all that much in and was very quiet - but in the last few weeks she has really started joining in, and apparently her mother told one of the nursery staff that she was always talking about it at home and joining in -I was so chuffed about that. All these things just back up my intuitions for the last 3 years that yoga for children is the way to go - that it is an amazing gift to give a child, and to help them learn ways to self knowledge, self expression and security that will help them become more balanced - if we teach them it at their most natural learning stage, it quickly becomes part of their everyday skills - just as walking, talking and all the very important life skills they are learning at this stage.

Well that's about it for now.

Monday, 16 May 2011

facebook users favour..

Just wondering if any facebook users would mind adding a vote for my sun shiny toddler to be a cover star of a national free baby magazine.
SUnshiny baby at facebook

If you join the group to like the picture, then please don't unlike the group or it doesn't count. If you are a uk user - it is worth being part of the group as they have some great competitions and give aways for babies.

Many thanks in advance

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Lovely reiki - and lovely yoga

Last night I toddled off to a lovely reiki share.
This month was farely quiet, only 9 of us in all.
We started with a lovely meditation so before we even began treating each other, I was already feeling pretty spaced out and chilled.

We worked in two groups, one of 4 and one of 5. I was in the group of 5 and ended up being the last - so i was given the most enormous treat of having 8 people treat me for 15 minutes - so essentially i got 8 times the normal amount of reiki - or 2 hours worth! it was mind blowing and incredible to feel so many people all giving reiki at once - it also made it even better that the chap who was at the foot end is also a reflexologist so I was getting both in one go - and he obviously knew which bits to focus on.
The bump absolutely loved it - the people on my tummy got lots of tickles in their hands, and i felt like it was flying around and tickling away - it was definately awake and loving it - much like hannah did. It will certainly be one chilled out chappy/ chapette.

I was like a zombie when I got in and slept like an absolute log lastnight. it was brilliant and very, very special.

I also taught my yoga class this morning after the easter break - and it was brilliant. I read them Goldilocks and the three bears - and we had a great time being all the characters, acting it out while using different asans that fitted in with the story- it helped that she had her friend dog and duck with her- so gave me a bit of a bonus, They responded so well to it,it was amazing. I think i might use that as a diving board for this term - as it really seemed to capture their imagination - and finished with a great breathing exercise of blowing on the poridge to cool it down - and a honeybee relaxation as they all agreed honey was a nice thing to go on their porridge and fruit.
I now have ten weeks left of teaching them before my insurance runs out in august, and i suppose by september, I will be 37 weeks pregnant and am pretty sure I will not want to be leaping around like a loon.

So - the adventures continue.

Next stages...

.. and time moves on!!!!

Already bumpy has reached the twenty week scan - and we took our little miss with us to see it - she was fascinated with what baby is doing in my tummy, and keeps trying to peer in my belly button.
All is growing well as far as we can see which is good news - and the scan seemed to be really detailed - compared to with hannah - she explained what we were looking at and we felt like we were in there for ages. It certainly gave us all a good time to see baby - who is now nicknamed wavy because of this picture.

I also started the antetnatal yoga again with The Yoga Home. I was fortunate enough to discover Ameet and Hannah during my last pregnancy, and in the last three years have followed every course they offer at appropriate times, as well as also attending classes with Ameet at my local leisure centre - something that was pure fluke but obviously meant to be. I am carrying on with the leisure centre ones - but the preg classes are something special  - really focusing on the bond with the baby inside my bump, and getting my body in shape for birth. Again, having done it all before - i can really tell how each asana is helping each relevent part of my body and my mind too - also a welcome break from tiny toddler.

We have also signed up for the Mindful Mamma - hypnobirthing class in June.I had several people lend me their cds. One i had to turn off half way through as it just felt wrong due to the way the lady was saying baby..... eek never again. I had already seen the mindful mamma flyers around while I was expecting Hannah - but as we had already paid for NCT and the yoga birthing class, we felt there was only so much we could do. Fortunately a friend also loaned me their cd and the first time i listened i knew my instincts on this to be right so am looking forward to not only listening to cds - but getting to spend the time in depth, and to be able to ask the all important questions - the biggest one being - How do i put it into practise when also dealing with contractions! - am sure all will become clear.

I also need to research some good "beach music" - the idea of breathing in time to the sound of breaking waves sits very well - so as well as using the cd could do with some tips - so now on a hunt for a really good one. First stop- my reiki master!!!

We had more consultations with an obstetrician and I was able to ask all the questions i wanted to know. My biggest concerns through both pregnancies were still birth. I know nobody ever wants to go through that, but i just feel that my family and especially us, need no more bad stuff to happen unless it is out of anyone's control - knowing that the UK has a stupidly high rate for such a rich country and that the eastmidlands is one of the worst areas really kind of made me start thinking the whole thing through again. I am defiantely less concerned about it than last time - but i still wanted to make a point that i won't accept anything other than the highest standard of care and that i am on the ball. My biggest issue was being left too long. With the VBAC i have an 80% chance of normal delivery and that is great- but if i go over,  i can't be induced in the same way and my chances would go right down to around 40% - so they have booked me in for planned section 12 days post due date. That in itself is just a weight off - i know they won't leave me to it. As last time, i am sure that being booked in really helped me destress and chill out - and thus went into labour naturally on my due date.
They also have said they will see me again at 36 weeks to check positions and possibly another scan if required, 39 weeks to sweep, 40 to sweep if i havent begun on my own and want it, and again at 41.
They were so positive though that i won't need that - and that my body will know what it is doing, that helped.
Also told me about a class they are running about active birth which really is aimed for VBAC - again all of that is fab and I feel supported, and thus empowered. I think asking the right questions i definately helping - but it helps to know i am listened to and taken seriously - so used to it being the other way round.

So i say - Bring on labour.. or something like that...........