Thursday, 27 January 2011

lovely lovely yoga sessions

Taught my little yogis today.
had 14 of them and a mummy who had brought her 2 yr 7 month old for the first time to try out.

they worked so hard today and i felt really energised, albeit rather sweaty lol.

Last night I attended my usual yoga session with one of my super satyananda yoga teachers. Spectacular as ever, and what is lovely at the moment is the class is ram packed so there is a great energy - so they better not think about cutting the class- it was quiet over december - but then again it was hideous weather and people are ill  and busy at that time of the year... fingers crossed it stays around for as long as possible. it is pure bliss

Much needed yoga sessions - finally bit the bullet and paid off the stupid pension rubbish - they have been completley unsupportive as have nottingham city council and to be quiet honest, the nut rep wasn't much more help as she was never in thh office and always off sick or on holiday. I hate that they have managed to make it feel like my fault, that i made the balls up and that i have to suffer by making a massive payment as well as receiving nasty letters from them. but at least now it is paid hopefully the only thing i will get in the post is confirmation is payment and a letter of apology about hte appauling letters I had and the fact they made the balls up.
Hopefully now I can be onwards and upwards and forget the last year of hell and stress and worry.
and welcome in a new one worrying about other things instead lol

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

My turn to smile

.........through the tears anyway.

Got the beautiful book of art today from my cousin.
It was so special but so sad.
her art so reflects the amazing person she was for so long - bold, beautiful, colourful and full of life.

It seems so so sad - and i was reminded even more of that seeing the photos at the back of the book.

I felt so sad when i got the book though blessed for receiving such a special memory to keep and treasure. Hannah loved looking at it too.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Made you smile

Had an email from my aunt this morning about my cousin.

Thank you for your email. We saw Cathy on Saturday, which was very sad, as she doesn't really communicate much any more. Even asking her whether she wants a cup of tea or coffee is impossible. Everything has to be a yes or no answer.

However, I told her your news, and that aroused a real spark of interest in her eyes, and she even smiled, a rare event now. So thank you for sharing that news with us.

It made me cry a lot as i hadnt been sure if it was "right" to share good news but i really wanted to share it with her. And i am so glad that it was able to bring a smile to everyone's face. I really would hope for her to be suddenly well again but i know that can't happen so i am now sending buckets of reiki to her so that she finds peace and comes to the end of her pain soon.
I am having a treatment this afternoon and will be asking that we do a proxy send to her.

i am also hoping it works on my tooth - can't get into the dentist til weds grr - but looks like i either have another wisdom tooth - which can't be possible after having all 4 out under ga 12 years ago.... or maybe bone - but there is something going on back there....
oh well
onwards and upwards

Good things with that is that even though i was exhausted yesterday, I had a really good chat with a friend who was also up and we definately shared some "good vibrations" and energy and unblocked some stuff we didnt know needed emptying. Brilliant stuff.

Also had sad news on sunday of a friend's mum - I belive it was a few years ago that she had MND but was doing ok and living a quality of life. sadly she had another attack and it was a bad one - and she slipped away at the weekend. What was lovely to hear was that she was a big icehockey fan - there was a minute silence held at 3 different games in the county and that is a massive tribute to her. It certainly helped my friend. FOrtuantely she has been able to spend some time with her .All my thoughts to Lyndsey, the Mc Phee family and especially to Francis -RIP.

 Thinking of you today and always , Cathy

"And I hope you're thinking of me
As you lay down on your side
Now the drugs don't work
They just make you worse
But I know I'll see your face again"

The Verve- The drugs don't work.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Ticking the boxes

On the long journey, two things have been done, and another today- the dreaded flu jab.
I had it last time as seperate doses and after the swine flu element last year i was hideously ill. I mean every side effect of flu other than the breathing issues that can also come from it apparently.
I still decided that it was worth it - so when i rang to book in, i asked if there was anyway of getting it at the end of the week so i had chance to recover before teaching on thursday and so if i should be ill, it would mean D could look after H.
Spoke to nurse about it and she looked a bit worried but said that i have already had the antibodies and made my own too i should be better this time, plus it is a smaller vaccine because it is just one element of the jab.
She then proceded to add to the horror stories i have heard on the news about one of the practice patients who contracted swine flu - after giving birth and was very very poorly. Many thoughts and prayers to her and her baby and family. Very scary stuff.

I also have been sending reiki out to reiki mummy and baby as reiki mummy has been poorly. And also my yoga teacher asked me to think about a tiny new baby he had heard of who was being rushed to hospital. so i sent some and today heard that although he is very poorly every 12 hours he is still here is a bonus - that has now been 48 hours - so hopefully he will recover quickly.

We have had more news about my cousin - that she is no longer going to be treated with the chemo pill as the tumour has continued to grow and is ccausing problems with her eyes. She is also mainly not able to communicate well. Her family held a special art exhibition and displayed all her work - which looked amazing. i am very lucky that i have many pieces that she designed specifically for me, including two which are permanently on my body. There was also a photo of her with her friends and it was truly heartbreaking to see this beautiful, clever, vivacious, woman who has so much to give looking so different and so clearly not well and only in her mid 30s.
Please all positive thoughts in her direction

much love to all xx

Hari Om

Monday, 17 January 2011

well following my complete melt down ...

... in the last blog, I invested in much yoga, reiki and time with Hubbie to get myself back on a good track.
Took a difficult decision to spend christmas just as the 3 of us and it was absolutely and positively the best choice I could have made.
we had an amazing time together, and my parents visited for a night which just extended christmas and was lovely rather than it disappearing in one big mash of wrapping paper - we could take time over what we received and enjoy it, especially our dear daughter.

We then spent an amazing new year with friends and simply spent a few days pottering. Time to rediscover myself and my husband and us. as well as lots of time for rest, yoga and a lot of relaxation. TOGETHER.

I got the results back from the doctor and all was clear and fine - just my body being a bit weird but all tests show nothing wrong..
so now the only test i need to worry about is the clear blue baby one.... and since the relaxed time together meant we could start ttc for number two i am hoping it isn't too far away....

I had a lovely few days of yoga, and a very special "mummy morning" of 3 hours of yoga and a shared lunch with lovely like minded people and one of my yoga teachers, Hannah, From The yoga home.
I have been so lucky to have spent nearly 3 years of yoga with them, from antenatal, birthprep, postnatal mum and baby, mother and toddler and adult yoga- the last two I still do, and the first one which I hope to go back to whenever a new pregnancy reaches 16 weeks.I can't recommend them enough.

Hope everyone had a very peaceful start to the new year.
I know there are difficult times ahead so am making the most of the good now.

TOday i went to the school I used to teach at for a special mass to celebrate their 40th anniversary- it was a lovely occasion celebrated by the Bishop of the nottingham diocese. I have been slack in taking hannah to Mass as she was not quite ready but I now feel i want to carry on and aim to take her at least once a month and get back into the church toddler group. It never fails to amaze me how much a lovely mass celebration and lots of singing can raise the spirits.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

meditating mama

I have just found this fabulous article about very simple meditation phrases which are perfect for busy mothers, and infact many other busy people
Meditating mama @ at mothering magazine
seriously recommending people check it out - well worth the read