Wednesday, 24 November 2010

lovely reiki share

Really lovely evening with my reiki teacher and other reiki people who have been attuned by her.
it was a pre christmas share and we also shared food as well as lovely meditation exercise.
We had a big send out at the end and then shared some lovely stories and experiences.

Sadly tonight i have come home to hear more news that my cousin's frequently reoccuring brain tumour has moved to her brain stem and is now considered inoperable. she can no longer have radiation therapy and is just going to be on chemo pills every few weeks.
i just wish she didn't live so far away - i am always thinking, always sending Reiki to her and just wish that she - and her sister, parents and husband were not having to go through it with her.

It feels more unfair that just two weeks ago she was given loads of positive news following  a scan and was told it had gone..... how could it have changed so quickly.

much love and constant Reiki to you, Cathy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, 15 November 2010

Grief encounter

just came across a london charity that supports bereaved children Grief Encounter

I love it and the idea of it and is just another step in what i consider to be my yogic journey.
I don't think i will work with these guys with them being in london - but the idea is out there and i love it - not, ofcourse, that children have been bereaved -but that there are other people out there who know "it's good to talk" and want to help children in their own way, the way i hope i can use the yoga.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

More positive energies

Gave a lovely Reiki Treatment to a returning client on Wednesday.
Once again, it was quite intense and she needed a good sugary cup of tea afterwards. It was intense for her at the time, but i gave her the space to calm down, relax and share what she was ready to share and it seemed clear to both of us that it was building on the last session. I remember thinking how much it reminds me of my own journey through reiki - the second time i was quite nervous about what to expect from a full treatment - the first time had been so intense, and the few days after were too. But when i went back, the energy was still obvious but it felt different - i noticed it in different places and in different ways. It really is a gentle but intelligent energy that goes just where it is needed. It can only do good, even though sometimes the emotional release after treatment can be really quite intense, it is only happening because that blocked energy is stopping the body and mind from healing and moving on, and from releasing stress.
From my own experiences, i have seen how bad the effect of not talking can be ( I finall plucked up the courage to actually contact my reiki teacher because my hair was falling out due to swallowed emotions). The treatments allowed me to release what was there - some of which i hadn;t realised, and then made me fight to get the councelling i needed. it is only when i look back that i realise within 6 weeks i had stopped the hair loss and was feeling totally different. It was just part of my journey, but totally changed my life.

I love looking back to see where i was 3 years ago - and I am finding it fascinating to watch my first few clients making incredible journeys through the treatments they have with me and that i can pass the reiki onto them. It is not me making them better, the reiki does that and will only open them up to their life path, and help them recognise the path they  are meant to take. It can't cure if that isn't the person's destiny but it can help the person come to terms with their life journey - but it is so special to be part of that process.

Reiki baby is due 3 weeks on monday, and i am pretty much as excited and emotional about his impending arrival as i was when i was expecting Hannah, who was a little reiki baby herself - though not to such an incredible extent. And actually, feeling a little bit relieved that this labour won't be mine. Having said that, the dream i had the other night where i was completeley convinced i was in labour and i physically experienced both my waters breaking and contractions, makes me think that when she goes in to have him, i might just end up with sympathy pains anyway!!!!!

Monday, 8 November 2010

A few tips for trying for a baby

I was just exploring the massive twitter world.
i came across this link and really loved it
Will certainly be keeping them in mind when we think about a number two in this household.


I have been meaning to start a dedicated blog for ages!
I have been blogging for ages - started a personal diary, then it became some work I did for a cloth nappy website, and more recently I have been blogging for a fertility website.
I will probably include some of these posts on here - but i expect it to be longer versions of facebook updates - mentioning my yoga teaching experiences, my own experiences of reiki - and also the joys of watching people i have treated find their way on their reiki journey, some of which can be quite profound ( though obviously without going into personal details!)
I think part of my reason for blogging is to share my wonderful experiences with the kids when we have yoga classes. It will also hopefully expand my own appreciation of just what each class achieves for the little yogis and help me chart my own journey as a yoga teacher.