Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Well - a short blog because i am just so tired.
29 weeks and defiantely firmly planted in my final trimester, a whole week in, and while i am feeling awesome, i am still feeling tired early on in the evening and hideously acidic - yum...
Things are pretty awesome still - both of my lovely reiki clients have been back to me and both have booked again. I am just thrilled because i can already see how much a difference it has made to them and i am really buzzing over it all.

There are also some amazing unities coming with yoga teachers i know and the universe is pushingus together - the energy and excitement is flowing- which makes me sad because i don't want to rush back into work after the baby and enjoy it incase i decided not to have anymore - but at the same time there is so much amazing energy out there that would be amazing to be part of - i guess i have to trust it will all come together - i think the biggest issue for me is the childcare side of things makes a lot of stuff relatively impossible. Either hugely expensive, the lovely childminder we had is pretty much full, or just there is no one I feel it is fair to ask regularly. I suppose it will come as it needs to. I need to trust that as that worry is kinda taking the fun away.

We have been working on getting the house ready - we have pretty much cleared the room apart from the stuff we are selling on ebay - but we hit ikea on sunday and got fabulous storage - so that has given me the chance to sort stuff out- empty out and free up Hannah's drawers - and feel more organised - not least knowing what i have - once we have touched up the paint work in there, I can start rewashing the nappies and clothes. It is soooo exciting and becoming real.

I also decided to build on my hypnobirthing experiences. I knew that it was making a big difference - but i still had a big list of questions and what if's.
My reiki teacher does loads of therapies and i had kept coming across other people also using one called EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique. I figured it would do no harm to try it and would more likely do some good - I had a reiki treatment booked in anyway so asked if I could try it out to start with EFT.
Basically i can't really explain it - the best thing to do is to look at the weblink really http://www.eftuniverse.com/
I just linked to this page because it was the first one that came under google.
Basically it revolves around tapping  serious of points on the body while saying certain phrases that related to releasing a fear, trauma, addiction -anything really.
I discussed a few things with my therapist and then she wrote some statements and we got tapping once gauging my stress levels on the issue to start.
We went round the points and i got to the end and was like mmmm something happened, i can't explain it but there was a sensation of letting go in my abdominal regions but i still had 'yeah but what about' so then we tapped on what i just said - and again it felt like - hmmm - yeah something shifted.
Another bowt of yeah buts.... and we tapped on them.... we must have done about 4 - and bam - i was like you know what - i cannot even remember why i wanted eft. I feel like i somehow dealt with and then shelved those issues- they are things i know about but somehow the EFT action of speaking and tapping releases the emotion - like taking the heat out of it.
I keep describing the idea of having a shelf behind me and that there were just little niggles there that no matter how much i tried to put into practise all those things i learned in hypnobirthing, still keept sticking pins in my subconsious.
I physically feel different - like the energy has shifted, i am no longer experiencing the discomfort - like somehow the discomfort i had was related to holding those fears in, a blockage. and now i can concentrate on building on all thoses positives from the mindful mamma course- things that i knew and that are not being nagged at - it is fab!!!

I feel like i am ready for this birth completley and fully and i need to do now is prepare baby for the next 11 weeks. the rest will just happen as nature intended.

After the session, I had a shorter reiki session but i don't think i have ever gone out of it that quickly or that deeply - when she finished it took me about 5 minutes to come round and i could not move a muscle - i spent most of the afternoon on the sofa as I was totally flattened - it was a fantastic feeling, post spa glow - but important. I am sure it has done me and bub a world of good. Prob less so hannah who got a bit fed up with lazy mummy ;)

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